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San Francisco, CA - NorCal Kickball Open (Co-Ed Division) #NCKO2015  Kickball · Co-Ed Co-Ed Division Circuit Event

Sold Out
May 30 ’15
May 30 ’15
Registration Dates:
Feb 2 ’15 – May 2 ’15 early bird
May 3 ’15 – May 16 ’15 regular
Pool C,  Pool B,  Pool A
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Feb 21 ’15
Team Fees
Early Bird $50.00 per player + $2.95 Processing Fee
Regular $55.00 per player + $2.95 Processing Fee
Referee Fees

NorCal Kickball Open
Co-Ed Division Registration
May 30, 2015

San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association
Treasure Island
401 13th Street
San Francisco, CA 94130

Directions to the fields:
Field Description:

Kickball365 will award cash prizes to teams after the completion of a Circuit Event. Note, the Prize Pool minimums may increase the expected payout at any time depending on the Circuit Event Manager.






Required Check-in at HQ

All players & referees will be required to check-in at the Mandatory Registration located at the HQ Tent. Failure to check in at HQ Tent will result in yellow card for their first game at the Circuit Event. Identification Cards (ex. Driver's license) are required at the time of checking in. Players or teams that fail to check-in with Kickball365 place the Circuit Event at risk of losing Circuit privileges and place the team/players at risk of not being able to participate in future Circuit Events.

Transportation, Directions, & Parking

There will be parking available at the field location. Public transportation via taxis is highly recommended if your team does not have a rental car/van. Be sure to check with your Hotel hosts regarding the amount of time it should take to travel to the events. DISCLAIMER: There is NO official transportation from Kickball365 being provided to the fields. Kickball365 recommends players take advantage of the Advantage Rent-a-Car Sponsorship offering.

Time to Arrive at Fields

Teams are encouraged to report to the field an hour before Pool Play Games are set to begin. We encourage all teams to arrive early to secure a parking spot. Players are to be held accountable for the behavior of their non-playing coaches, Captains/Coaches, teammates, Franchise Owners, supporters and guests. If the conduct of any member of such group or groups is deemed by Kickball365 to be unsportsmanlike or disruptive to the competition, then the coach, teammate, Franchise Owner, supporter, guest, and/or Player is subject to the same disciplinary actions as stated above.

Event Rules

This Circuit Event will utilize the Official Rulebook of Kickball365. Once Kickball365 receives and accepts your entry, you will not receive a refund if you alert the Kickball365 after the deadline, you may not give or sell your player spot to anyone else, and you may not transfer your player/team entry fee to future events. You must be at least 21 years old to participate in this event and the social events planned for during the weekend. You must be in good health and physically prepared to compete in this event. You are required to sign a waiver at registration at the HQ Tent on the Game Day. Team jerseys or t-shirts are required to participate - there is no policy that states you must wear a Kickball365 t-shirt for the Circuit Event.


Kickball365 will, in its sole and absolute discretion, allow for a 100% refund of a player registration up until the point of the registration deadline. No Refund will be granted on or after the registration date (no matter what the circumstances). Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable after the deadline. No exceptions.

Information Booth (HQ) and Lost & Found

The event's HQ booth will be at the entrance of the fields to assist players, referees, and fans with any event questions and help you find your way to your field. HQ will also serve as the event's Lost & Found. Items that are found throughout the day will be kept here. Any valueable items NOT claimed by the end of the event will be shipped to our Washington, DC office. To claim a lost item after the event, please contact the Support Team at

Medical Information

The Medical Team for this event will be the local Emergency Department. They will be available to assist with any event day medical needs and administer first aid when necessary.

Prize Pool & Champion Prize Pack

The Circuit Event's prize pool for this event will be determined at the close of registration. The Prize Pool is based on the final number of teams attending. The 1st Place, 2nd Place, and Final Four Teams will receive checks in the mail after the conclusion of the event weekend. No cash will be exchanged at the event itself.

Player Perks at the Event

Food & Beverage Service available at Fields (e.g. Food Trucks, Concession Stand, etc.)
Event Bracelet
More to be determined by local Event Manager

Social Media Tips

We encourage all players and fans to use the  Event hashtag.

Spectator Tips

Track Your Team

Watch the Games

  • Spectators are encouraged to watch games from the sidelines only. Please do not sit in the deep outfield of the marked fields.
  • Fans can bring pop-up tents, pop up chairs, and umbrellas (if needed).
  • Please do not bring tents that require stakes.
  • If you cannot attend the event in person you can watch a live stream of the event on

Looking for Answers? Check the Knowledge Base




A Circuit Event is a Kickball Tournament hosted by Kickball365 with the support of a local independent contractor. Expectations of a Circuit Event include: Friday Social Event, Saturday Tournament, a Saturday night After Party, and a Sunday Tournament (only on dual weekend events). The number of games offered at a Circuit Event may vary depending on the number of teams attending a tournament.

The National Tour is the series of Circuit Events held annually across the country in which registered teams compete for Circuit Points. Teams are seeded at each Circuit Event using the Official Circuit Ranking System (CRS). The Circuit Scoring System (CSS) awards points to registered Circuit teams to determine eligibility for the Circuit Championship Weekend and prizewinners for the year-long National Tour Standings.

Anyone! All players are invited to compete in a Circuit Event on the National Tour provided the player is at least 21 years old at the time of registration, has adequate health insurance, and is properly registered on the roster of a team at the Circuit Event.

The Circuit, which includes all of the National Tour of Circuit Events and the Circuit Championship Weekend utilizes the Official Rule Book of Kickball365. Download the Official Rulebook at

The Official Kickball of Kickball365 is a custom kickball manufactured by Baden Sports. The custom model used is a Baden Sports PG-10 with a unique numerical suffix. This is the only kickball that is allowed on the National Tour. Generic Baden sports PG-10 models will only be used on the National Tour in exigent circumstances.

The Circuit assigns registered teams into three (3) conferences based on the following criteria: Conferences of The Circuit include: East (Orange), Midwest (White), and West (Green).

Can be found on the Kickball365 Knowledge Base at All players of The Circuit agree to these terms for each event attended.

After registration is closed each team in attendance will be assigned a tournament seed. The tournament seed is determined by the Established Team�¢??s current ranking in the CRS. Note, New/Open Teams not given a pre-tournament rating, as there is no data with which to make such a determination, will be drawn randomly to complete the seeding.

These defined structures provide greater transparency and manage expectations in cases (e.g. odd number of teams attending, limited field permit use, time concerns, etc). They are not 100% suited to every situation, and the Kickball365 will have the final say on each update and has the authority to make specific exceptions at its discretion in truly exigent circumstances.

To seed for a Circuit Event, Kickball365 will take a team�¢??s averaged ranks (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each of the individual ranking systems �¢?? ELO, FIFA�?�®, and RPI �¢?? to generate their CRS Rankin to be used to seed teams at each Circuit Event during the National Tour Year. By contrast, the CIRCUIT SCORING SYSTEM (CSS), which awards points to registered Circuit Teams solely on their performance at Circuit Events, will be used to seed teams at the Circuit Championship Weekend.

To claim Circuit Points earned on the National Tour Teams must register their Team for The Circuit. Franchise Owner are responsible for registering to claim Circuit points. Those who plan to compete at the Circuit Championship Weekend are required to do so. Once registered your Team will automatically claim Circuit Points earned and you will be listed in the Official Standings of The Circuit.

Teams are eligible to earn Conference Points when they attend Circuit Events in their designated Conference. No points are earned at a Circuit Event for teams who travel outside of their Conference. Teams who win their Conferences will receive 1000 bonus Circuit Points and the designated Conference Trophy.

All Franchise Owners are required to register for the Circuit Championship Weekend. Regardless of when a Franchise Owner registers they will still claim all earned Circuit Points for all previous attended Circuit Events and the points will count towards their Overall National Tour Standings.

All Circuit Event registrations must submit payments through the Official registration system. No offline payments are accepted.
CRITICAL: *Any Team Captain who requires to add an additional emergency player after the Event deadline is required to email Kickball365 at info[at]kickball365[dot]com with their request. Kickball365�¢??s Rules Committee will review and approve/deny all Team requests. If approved, the player will be added to the Team Roster and the Team Captain will be charged $65. Payment due at time of registration.

Submit questions to Kickball365 by emailing or visiting the Knowledge Base.

Tournament Notes:

Registration is closed

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